Actor in Atlantis, by Ani Vaseva, Boyan Manchev and E.T.A. Hoffmann, director Ani Vaseva; (Metheor)
Actor in The Red and The Black, by Stendhal, director: Bina Haralampieva; Little Theatre Off The Channel
Actor in There Is No Elevator, by Sebastien Thierry, director: Ivaylo Hristov; Little Theatre Off The Channel
Actor in Daruma, by Ani Vaseva , director Ani Vaseva, Goethe-Institut Bulgaria; (Metheor)
Actor in Shakespearin During Pandemics, author and director: Stefan Moskov; Little Theatre Off The Channel
Actor in A Day That Has Everything, by Ani Vaseva, director Ani Vaseva, Goethe-Institut Bulgaria; (Metheor)
Hoffmann/Otto in Hoffman by Ani Vaseva, Boyan Manchev and E.T.A. Hoffmann, director Ani Vaseva, Goethe-Institut Bulgaria; (Metheor)

Hijikata in Hijikata and his Double by Ani Vaseva, Boyan Manchev and Leonid Yovchev, Work in progress by Metheor, Plovdiv 2019; (Metheor)
Actor in A Play About Us by Ani Vaseva and Boyan Manchev, director Ani Vaseva, Home of Cinema, Sofia; (Metheor)
The Devil in Road-trip to Hell by Boyan Manchev, director Ani Vaseva, DNK, Sofia; (Metheor)
Actor in Total Damage by Ani Vaseva, director Ani Vaseva, DNK, Sofia; (Metheor)

Lovecraft in Lovecraft by Ani Vaseva, director Ani Vaseva, , Home of cinema, Sofia; (Metheor)
G38 in The Red Planet by Georgi Tenev, director Ani Vaseva, Sfumato, Sofia; (Metheor)

Maldoror/Lautreamont in Maldoror, based on Les Chants de Maldoror by Comte de Lautréamont, French Institute in Bulgaria; (Metheor)

Geo Milev in Geo, based on the Christo Karastoyanov’s novel “At the Same Night”, director Ivan Dobchev, Ivan Vazov National Theatre
Actor in A Play About You by Ani Vaseva, director Ani Vaseva, French Institute in Bulgaria; (Metheor)

Ortze Popyordanov in Tessalonian Plotter by Georgi Danailov, director Stoyan Radev, Ivan Vazov National Theatre
Actor in Phaeton: Miscreants by Boyan Manchev, based on Ovid’s Metamorphoses, director Ani Vaseva, LIPA Sofia; (Metheor)

The Actor in Everything is Fine by Dorota Maslovska, director Desislava Shpatova, Ivan Vazov National Theatre

The Doctor in Portrait of a Madonna by Tennessee Williams, director Dimiter Sardjev, Sfumato, Sofia

The Actor in Robin by Anna Topaldjikova, director Teya Sugareva, Vazrazhdane Theatre, Sofia
Saiapin in Duck Hunting by Alexander Vampilov, director Yuree Butusov, Ivan Vazov National Theatre

Hamlet in Hamlet by William Shakespeare, director Yavor Gurdev, Ivan Vazov National Theatre

Frank/Stein in Frankenstein by Ani Vaseva and Boyan Manchev, based on Mary Shelle’s Frankenstein director Ani Vaseva, Sfumato, Sofia; (Metheor)
The Brother/ actor in Rollback by Zahari Karabashliev, director Stayko Murdjev, Theater Bulgarian Army

Touchstone in As You Like It by William Shakespeare, director Krassimir Spasov, Theatre Bulgarian Army

Mervin in A Behanding in Spokane by Martin Mcdonagh, director Yavor Gardev, Ivan Vazov National Theatre

Bobchinski in The Government Inspector by Nikolay Gogol, director Marius Kurkinski, Ivan Vazov National Theatre

The Courier in After the Rain by Sergi Belbel, director Nikolay Lambrev-Mihaylovski, Theater Bulgarian Army
Actor in A Dying Play by Boyan Manchev and Ani Vaseva, director Ani Vaseva, Sfumato; (Metheor)

Todor Belopitov in To Open a Wound by Boyan Papazov, director Ivan Dobchev, Theatre Bulgarian Army

The Monk in The Will of Don Juan by Anatoliy Krim, director Ivaylo Christov, Theatre Bulgarian Army
Isabel, Yago, McBeth in Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare, director Liliya Abadjieva, Little City Theatre Off the Chanel

The Storyteller in First Love by Samuel Beckett, director Nina Boyanova, Centre for Culture and Debate The Red House;

The Boy in She Without Love and Death by Edvard Radzinsky, director Nikolay Lambrev-Mihaylovski, Theatre Bulgarian Army
Len in The Dwarfs, by Harold Pinter, director Dobromir Tsvetkov, Sfumato, Sofia

Mario in The Game of Love and Chance by Pierre de Marivaux, director Krassimir Spasov, Theatre Bulgarian Army

Actor in Hamletmachine by Heiner Muller, director Bernhard Oistershulte, Theatre Bulgarian Army, Theatre “Rampe” Stuttgard, National Theatre Luxemburg;
Attilio in Saturday, Sunday, Monday by Eduardo de Filippo, director Andrey Avramov, Theatre Bulgarian Army


The Priest in January, director Andrey Paunov, production Pandora Film and Portokal
Martin Sestrimski in The Time is Ours, director Peter Popzlatev, production Post scriptum 2 - Peter Popzlatev
Penev in Monkey, director Dimiter Kotzev-Shosho, production Spotlight
The Brother in The Sinking of Sozopol, director Kostadin Bonev, production Borough Film
Mochurov in The Color of the Chameleon, director Emil Christov, production Peripetia Films
The Son in Church for Wolfs (TV series) /12 ep./, director Nikolay Lambrev-Mihaylovsky, production BNT
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