Leonid Yovchev (Veliko Tarnovo, 1983) is an actor with multiple roles on the theatre stage and in the cinema. Since 2010 he is a core member of Metheor, performing in many of its productions and sharing the conceptual responsibility. From his graduation from the National Theatre Academy in Sofia in 2007 until 2011 he is part of the Army Theatre ensemble and 2011-2018 of the National Theatre ensemble. Since 2018 he is working as a freelance actor.

In the academic year 2017-2018 he was acting professor, leading an acting class in Theatre College “Lyuben Groys”, together with Ani Vaseva (until the both of them left the college, due to ideological and esthetic reasons, in 2018). He also gives workshops and lectures and participates in different educational, experimental etc. formats.

Besides the multiple productions of Metheor, the Army Theatre and the National Thteatre, he performs in shows of Off the Channel theatre, Sfumato Theatre, Konstantin Velichkov Theatre, Vazrazhdane Theatre, The Red House etc. Full list of his roles in theatre and cinema here (the list does not include his multiple roles in short movies and student productions).

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