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director: Ani Vaseva
text: Ani Vaseva, with included fragments by Boyan Manchev and Ani Vaseva from earlier Metheor performances, as well as texts written by the actors.
the costumes in the performances are taken from earlier Metheor Performances, designed by Aglika Terzieva, Georgi Sharov, Stefan Donchev and Ani Vaseva.
photography: Boryana Pandova
with: Leonid Yovchev, Emona Ilieva, Stefan Milkov, Georgi Dimitrov, Greta Gicheva, Gordan Koev, Kalin Nikolaev, Lachezara Vasileva, Martin Dimov, Nicol Vasileva and Trayan Hristov.
The majority of the actors in stage are 1st year acting students from the Lyuben Groys theatre college, who were in the acting class of Ani Vasseva and Leonid Yovchev, before both of them left the college in 2018.

Premiere - September 2018, Cinema House, Sofia

This is a performance about us. About us, Metheor, our history and us – those who are on the stage. About life. About theatre. About despair. About joy. About fear. About us.

"As an actor I must be able to feel everything and live it. The trick is that everyone can be an actor as long as they want to. And everyone plays. Everyone feels. And this is what brings us all together, here, now. Our common sensations. And, perhaps, eventually, some kind of need. Something we miss. What do we need? "

"There is no present. You blink and the moment has already passed, the next one is coming. As I say this, it is already past, and the future is yet to come. I stand in the void. I am gone."


A Play About Us was created with the support of the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture and Cinema House.
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