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director: Ani Vaseva
text and costumes: Ani Vaseva
graphic design: Mira Tisheva
photography: Boris Delchev, Vassil Tanev and Metheor archive
with: Leonid Yovchev and Alexander Uzunov

Premiere - October 2014, French Institute in Bulgaria

A Play For You is performance about the indistinct point, where future becomes past, expectation – memory, childhood – old age, new beginning – repetition. Beyond the misty horizon of melancholy a new world forms. A world, where the cosmos will be created for the first time and in the same time bursts in spectacular final explosion. In this temporary universe age, gender, personal biography, and memory are ambiguous, unclear and mutable notions. There everything floats between the most concrete and the most abstract.

"A Play For You is beautiful and grand only as Ani Vaseva's plays are. Incomparably different from everything happening in Bulgarian theatre, her work should't even be thought as part of it. In the process of this work Ani Vaseva creates other forms, other techniques, her own genres. And this demands new way of looking and completely new way of perceiving."
Monika Vakarelova, Literary Newspaper

"Thus the beginning is the end. Ani Vaseva's plays always end very quickly. Applause and you wish everything would start from the beginning. The only thing you can do is to acknowledge the genious, but this sounds unnececary."
Alisa Clemente in alisaclemente.com

"Through Ani Vaseva's directing Leonid Yovchev brings to life strong, memorable images of vivid bodily super-expression."
Elena Angelova, Literary Newspaper

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A Play for You was created with the support of Institut Français de Bulgarie.

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