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text: Ani Vaseva, Boyan Manchev, based on Mery Shelley
director: Ani Vaseva
dramaturge: Boyan Manchev
critique: Monika Vakarelova
stage design: Aglika Terzieva
costume design: Maitia Cibulka
graphic design: Georgi Sharov
photography: Georgi Dimitrov

with: Leonid Yovchev, Petar Genkov, Galya Kostadinova

Premiere - February 2012, Sfumato, Sofia

“Frankenstein” is performance frozen in the point where the beginning, when nothing has happened yet, meets the end, when everything has already been. Frankenstein is a look from height, a look back. Frankenstein is our first and our last big deed. Our technique for life and death, our deletion of the lingering between. We are Frankenstein and we shall not retreat from our word or our stone. We are Frankenstein. --- “The authors of the text and their fiery actors quietly and persistently search a serious theatre provocation – through rethinking of the stage experience with the body and the orders of (not)presentation, through the high intensity of the actor’s presence in the text transforming into affect. In the intense shuttling between affect and the contradicting to it theatre irony in the actors performance is achieved the effect of the amazement of the audience (…) That is not only effort to do explicitly uncommercial theatre, but it is also a serious attempt to conceptualize in the process of its creation an explicitly philosophizing on the contemporary human condition theatre.” Violeta Decheva, Kultura newspaper

“… the movement is towards overcoming the human and not towards searching for its reason. Overcoming possible only through bringing to its extremity of what has extracted the human from the animal, but also of what have dragged him down from the divine – possible through the virtuosity, through the perfection of the technique”
Monica Vakarelova, Literaturen vestnik newspaper

“The whole time the characters crave to leave their bodies – “the dead body is more alive than the living body”. This exhausts and pressures in the familiar from Ani Vaseva’s performances – and that is why now it is hard to imagine actors other than the dedicated Leonid Yovchev, Petar Genkov and Ekaterina Stoyanova, the trio from A Dying Play.
Demian Rokosovsky,

“Actor heroism without any exaggeration is witnessing the audience in Frankenstein at Sfumato Theatre.”
Sabina Vasileva, Sega newspaper

Frankenstein was created with the support of the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture, ETUD Foundation and Theatre Laboratory Sfumato.
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