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text: Ani Vaseva
director: Ani Vaseva
author of the music and the sound design: Assen Avramov
editor: Ina Vulchanova
studio team: Dimitar Vassilev, Jivko Marev, Vladimir Trenchev
artist: Aglika Tеrzieva
graphic design: Georgi Sharov

with: Valentin Ganev, Vesselin Mezekliev, Joreta Nikolova, Ekaterina Stoyanova, Alexandra Vassileva, Assen Avramov Daniela Manolova, Elena Dimitrova, Petar Genkov, Leonid Yovchev, Yavor Borissov, Delian Iliev, Stilian Jeliazkov, Srebrina Georgieva, Galia Kostadinova, Katerina Keremidchieva, Maria Petkova.
2010, Bulgarian National Radio, “Hristo Botev” programme, Radio theatre

Sick is scary fairy tale about the sickness as extraordinary form of live. In our radioplay the sickness is transforming power, creating its own, parallel world, where the sick people can’t live out of the sickness. Black comedy of the body in its most unpredictable emanations.

„With specific, well articulated and undoubtedly successful gesture, the sickness is put into the range of the infantile – with all the craziness, perversity and contradictivness that this range proposes. By blocking the falling into the excessive dramatisam suggested by the theme, the thinking through the infantile succeeds in bringing forth that odd cruelty where sickness, terror, norm and care come together. Even more - it shows this cruelty as intoxicating, addictive, seductive, as the only possible.”
Monica Vakarelova,
SICK Super User
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