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text and directing: Ani Vaseva with the assistance of Boyan Manchev
stage design: Desislava Bankova
photography: Ivan Donchev

with Elena Dimitrova and Petar Genkov

Premiere - January 2010, the fridge, Sofia

A brutal event destroys the usual ways of existence. On its place new state of emergency arises – in this state the borders between the beings are blotted out and the violence is the sole possibility for contact. Unusual form of life, which can not be looked in the eyes, but opens its eye towards us. THE EYE is performance in which the bodies and the voices of the two actors melt in common mass; they form a new being that exists in permanent metamorphosis. In its instability disturbing images emerge. THE EYE floats between the darkness of the moment before the outlining of the image and the bright, blinding light of the open, insolent and direct gaze. “Your hole is in me Your hole has grown on me”.

The Eye explores the performative potential of the concept of the monstrous. It is triggered in hysterical poem that radicalizes the desire, the violence, the absence, the trauma, tied together in love triangle. The text material is dismembered, devoured by the physicality and the vocal expression of a hybrid body. The Eye by Ani Vaseva is one of the significant phenomena of the indipendant stage, where the explorative work of director and performers on a philosophical concept and its transformation into performance leads to a new, unique kind of theatre language. Angelina Georgieva The Eye is successful attempt of Vaseva to create a queer body, where the social roles and the physiology babble in homogenous which soup.
Boriana Rossa, Kultura newspaper

Interview of Ani Vaseva and Boyan Manchev for Novi Dramaturgii

Boriyana Rossa article in Kultura newspaper

THE EYE in Skopije

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The Eye was created with the support of ETUD Foundation and the fridge.

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