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text: Georgi Tenev
director: Ani Vaseva
set and graphic design: Georgi Sharov
music and sound design: Konstantin Markov (SoundReaktor)
photography: Boryana Pandova

with: Yuliana Sayska, Leonid Yovchev, Galya Kostadinova, Denitsa Darinova

Premiere - January 2015, Sfumato, Sofia

Which is the Red Planet – the one we presuppose, or another, completely different and brand new? Isn‘t this the place where time and space begin to overlap, where unexplained effects and behavioral crashes occur, where the flesh of reality begins to bend and wears out?

"A being that itself makes no effort to be real, can not be subsidized with a credibility for reality."

Where science fiction ends, "The Red Planet" begins - far beyond the frames of the genre, in the plush darkness of the mysterious cosmos. The crew of the unidirectional science-mission flight Utopia reaches the edge of the Galaxy. There they encounter a ship-capsule drifting unmanned. It seems that the two spacecrafts originated in the same humanoid civilization but came from different points of time space. Aboard the ship-capsule there are no survivors. Yet the robot keeps a tremendous amount of information. It is a story about the events on Earth and the Solar system that occurred before or after the Utopia mission began. The final of the solar evolution and the transformation of the Sun into a red giant that absorbs the planets around us is traced. The encounter between the two ships causes a collapse in space-time matter, as one comes from the future of the other. And from now on, all events are beginning to develop in an absolutely unpredictable direction.

At the same time, some parallel events take place on Earth. The cinema industry is in a global product crisis. The resource of shooting sites is critically limited due to the effects of global warming, the diminishing of the earth's atmosphere, the demographic catastrophe, the wars. The film industry is looking for cheap and appropriate locations for new science-fiction productions, as well as cheap living masses for mass scenes and statists. One director prepares a new platform for the 13th Star Wars episode and starts shooting.

The Red Planet was created with the support of the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture and Theatre Laboratory Sfumato.

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