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concept: Ani Vaseva
photography: Ivan Donchev
theory: Boyan Manchev
with: Ani Vaseva and Iva Sveshtarova

May 2009, "Vaska Emanuilova" Gallery, Sofia

LITTLE GIRLS is project in the frame of which are included so far A WINTER DAY and THE WAR OF THE LITTLE GIRLS.

A Winter Day is an installation, consisting of two screens. On one of them there is a sequence of photographic images and on the other - a video. The sequence consists of photographs of two girls that are enjoying themselves in the winter forest. The photographic images are set in an order with certain rhythm, exposing the different series for different time. The video shows breathless running, laughter and exhaustion in the winter landscape, shot from the point of view of the running little girl.

A Winter Day is the first part of the long term project Little Girls. In it the little girls, exhausted of writing projects, of being drowned in “creative culture” and “fun”, of the aggression of persons and non-persons with stronger position in the political, economical and other hierarchies, decide to take the matters in hand. A Winter Day opposes the mythology of labor as the main purpose and means of existence. It takes the pleasure and the free time, which is not productive, as its main subject. But the free time out of the dialectic with the labor time, which today is reduced to the vulgar idea of working like slaves and to get stoned Friday night and spend everything earned with dulling labor during the week.

As part of the loose frame of Little Girls, A Winter Day shows the vital, chaotic power of the little girls – the immanent desorganisation of the life, opposed to all the vitalist myths that are still echoing in the contemporary arts. “The joy of life” of the little girls is opposed also to the easy myths of enjoyment and happiness and in their stubborn naughtiness glimpses the resistance of the world, the resistance as optimal experience of the material intensivity and the presence of the world, but without regression in new expressivist myths.

This is not political art, nor a super cool sexy art project. But we are enjoying ourselves and we believe that it is worthed.
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