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Installation by Ani Vaseva and Georgi Sharov, in collaboration with Boyan Manchev and Leonid Yovchev
curated by: Stefka Tsaneva

photos: Mariza Kolcheva

Museums Night, Plovdiv, 2015

The Installation Still Here. At the Metheor Archipelago extracts from their usual context and function elements of Ani Vaseva and Metheor's theatre work, in the same time estranging and autonomising them. The theatre elements (costumes, props, audio recordings) are recomposed as hypnotic landscape, where the audience becomes inscribed in the alchemical dynamics of theatre action and space. 

Thus Metheor shakes its theatre practice in order to transform it in multilayered and multivocal landscape. The change of physical condition is accomplished without loss of energy. The excessive rhytms, the demonic perseverance in searching for unimaginable techniques of thought, language and bodies, characteristic for Metheor's work, are still here, in the inhabited with fantastic forms space of the Metheor archipelago. 

In the installation are included set, props, costumes and audio recordings from the performances A Dying Play (2010, designer Aglika Terzieva), The Blue Room (designer Stanimir Genov), Frankenstein (2011, designer Aglika Terzieva), The Alleater (2012, designer Georgi Sharov), Phaeton: Miscreants (2013, designer Ani Vaseva), The Red Planet (2015, designer Georgi Sharov)