graphic design: Teodora Venedikova

published by „Metheor“, Sofia, 2018

"Amarila does not like tequila" is a crossing point of three stories. A brave crossing of the elusive boundaries between one's own coziness and the outside spaces, a wandering among the worlds of sleep, of sleeplessness, of daylight, of books... In her insomnia Amarila is driven from adventure to adventure, and those dreams are the life of Yossi in his personal cosmos. The past is the place where the Old Man usually comes back to, obsessed with the sense of the passing time, but there is still something that keeps him here and now.

What binds them together, what are they running from and where do they arrive? How does life mark us and how do we mark it? What's the point of all this? Life is incredible.


Prof. Anna Topaldzhikova is a lecturer in History of the Bulgarian Theater at the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts "Kr. Sarafov". She is the author of the novels - "The Flies" and "The Flying Time - a beam of light through the lens. The Photographic Family of Karastoyanovi", of books on the history and the theory of theater: "Breaks and New Directions. Bulgarian theater from the mid-1950s to the end of the 1960s ","The theatre game","Phobias and utopias", etc., as well as play books: "Floating viewpoints"," Theater X 3 " .

Among her plays are "The Reflection", "Ivan Vazov" National Theater, directed by Elena Tsikova, 2000, "Robin" at the Vazrazhdane Theater, directed by Teya Sugareva, 2013, etc.

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