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director: Ani Vaseva
text: Boyan Manchev
music: Konstantin Markov
apparatuses and digital programs: Stefan Donchev
painter: Boris Deltchev
concept of costumes: Ani Vaseva
costumes: Darina Stoimenova, Katya Petrova and Teodora Bambikova
masks and special costumes: Emilian Bonev and Mihail Zhekunov
inspizient: Mihail Zhekunov
photography: Orlin Ognyanov, Тeodora Bambikova, Photo-Corpus

with: Leonid Yovchev, Emona Ilieva, Valery Georgiev, Maria Panayotova, Martina Apostolova, Mihail Zhekunov

Premiere - October 2017, DNK, Sofia

"Roadtrip to Hell" is a theater oratorio loosely based on Dante's Inferno and Monteverdi's Orfeo.
"Roadtrip to Hell" articulates an experimental hypothesis about a form of radical existence, hypothesis about life possessed by desire that knows no end.
For desire that knows no limit, Hell is not inevitable end but necessary condition.

The roadtrip to hell is a journey to oneself. Hell is not ahead of us. Hell has already happened. Hell is here and now.
"Where there is no desire, there is no hell. Where there is no hell, there is no desire."

- - -

The performance is produced by Metheor, in cooperation with DNK (NDK). The project is funded by the Culture Program of the Sofia Municipality in 2017 and by the Ministry of Culture.